General Pain or Injury

There are many reasons someone might be experiencing neck and/or back pain. The most common is everyday wear and stress on our bodies. Work, play, and lifestyle habits all play apart. From the cars we drive to the mattresses we sleep on, all the way to how we play with our children and what types of jobs we have. All of these things can cause the joints to jam and lock, subsequently causing pain, pressure, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Besides everyday activities, accidents and injuries can have a traumatic impact on the body.

General pain and discomfort caused by everyday activities usually responds very quickly to chiropractic treatment. Patients start to feel relief in 1-3 visits and an average of 2-4 visits is required to restore lost movement and mobility.

Traumatic injuries and accidents do require different treatment. Because of the sudden impact of most injuries, the patient’s treatment must be tailored specifically to fit their needs. Low impact manipulation may be required as well as a more complex treatment plan.